A Clear Look at League of Legends World Championship Betting

There are a number of factors bettors need to take into account when it comes to League of Legends World Championship betting and sizing up the match markets for this popular eSport.

Successfully weighing up the variables will ensure that punters are able to boost their bankrolls when the outcomes become available, and ensure that they are able to see good returns on wagers made over the long-term.

When looking into League of Legends World Championship betting predictions in general, the chief factors that punters usually consider when attempting to select winners in the 1×2 markets are:

  • Their head-to-head record
  • The shape they are currently in
  • How they have fared in performances in the past that took place in similar settings
  • The individual match-ups in each of the lanes
  • The champion pools, and the effect this has on the pick-ban phase

Although these elements should all come into play during League of Legends World Championship betting, there are also some others that bettors will find worth exploring that may well help them to find a profitable edge.

League of Legends World Championship Betting Regions

Thanks to the fact that there are almost no international competitions except for the World Championship, different regions’ strength is a very interesting element that is important when it comes to League of Legends World Championship betting.

Bettors will need to judge the strength of teams based on teams’ performances in regional competitions, and then assess how these would fare in opposition to those from the rest of the globe.

With some districts famous for the strength of the players they produce, one has to also take into account the fact that players have emigrated, strengthening other localities, and careful investigation is of paramount importance in order to assess all of the possible repercussions of these changes.

Match Results and LoL World Championship Betting Predictions

When assessing the chances of a given team for League of Legends World Championship betting purposes, punters must remember to take into account the amount of matches that were played in each of the results.

Bettors accustomed to watching BO3, or best of three, matches may well dangerously assume that all of the matches will be in this format, and make a faulty judgement as to who the victors will be as a result. It is vital that prospective punters get to grips with the format of matches that take place during the World Championship, and take a different, and suitable, approach when betting on each of these different types.

Winning with LoL World Championship Bets

Punters will be required to take the scene overall; their knowledge of the game like bettors of the AFL Grand Final bets; and the insight they have gained into the structure of the tournament into account when laying bets on League of Legends World Championship matches in order to gain the edge they need. Proper preparation is the only way to increase the chances of making a profit when it comes to this kind of betting, and no punter should be without it.

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