Bananas, Apples & Cherries – Oh My!

Although the term fruit slots generally refers to slot machines in the broader sense, Fruit Slots is actually the name of a particular video slot that is available for both online and mobile play. With retro graphics and attractive design, this game is a must for players looking for a classic game with a modern twist.

Players are treated to an interface that places them in the heart of the casino and on something of a trip down memory lane, while it contains a number of contemporary aspects that make the game that much more enjoyable and easy to navigate.

Fruit Salad Symbol

The most important symbol to keep an eye out for in Fruit Slots is one that displays a blend of all of the low-paying fruit symbols and is in actual fact the most valuable of all the symbols. This fruit salad symbol brings in big wins even though it doesn’t hold any special feature per se.

Players are able to combine one fruit salad with 1 or 2 other identical symbols in order to win a cash prize. When a player lines up 3 fruit salad symbols on the central payline, however, they could be awarded up to an amazing 2500 when they play 3 coins.

8-Bit Fruit Slots Feel

Fruit Slots is a slot game that centres its attention around the simplicity of the old machines, and basically only features what is precisely necessary to actually be considered a slot.

For this reason the quality is equally kept to a minimum, with a background that displays a rainbow holding the reels, action button bar and paytable.

The colours, however, remain flashy and eye-catching and the fruits they are placed on appear to have something of an 8-bit, classic appeal.Moreover, it is important for players to understand that this truly is a back-to-basics slot, so those looking for quality animations and design will be disappointed.

Winning Combinations

Much like many other retro slot games, Fruit Slots holds a paytable that is permanently on display on the game’s screen. Moreover, this particular game aims focus at the value of independent combinations, instead of bringing light to a list of independent symbols.

The most commonly seen symbols are the cherries, lemons, oranges, plums and watermelon and, while they have modest rewards, they will appear so often that the chances of landing those winning combinations increases dramatically.

Fruit Slots also features the classic single, double or triple bar symbols, where the bigger symbols result in bigger rewards.

Gameplay and Actions

The simple design and classic theme found throughout the game subsequently ensure that all aspects with regards to playing too are simple. The command bar below the reels is where players will find all they need to play and enjoy Fruit Slots, like many other Aristocrat pokies.

The game only has one central payline, meaning players can easily understand where they need to create their winning combinations. Player can also use the buttons in the command bar to adjust the amount they would like to bet each spin and the paytable will light up accordingly to display what prizes are up for grabs.