The Details about Red Dragon Wild Slot

Details about Red Dragon Wild Slot

Players familiar with other iSoftBet slot games will immediately recognise the layout of Red Dragon Wild Slot, albeit with its own aesthetic designs. Betting changes can be made through the max bet, line bet, line choice, and coin value buttons. Every one of these will either increase or decrease the total amount that is bet per spin, and every bet will be subtracted from the credit balance found at the bottom of the screen. While the coin value can be set, players will find it easier to choose exactly how much their coins are valued at and then stick with that value throughout the game. The other betting options can be played with much more fluidly.

Once the player has a total bet amount that they’re happy with, the spin and auto spin buttons, as well as the max bet will begin spinning the reels, which will spin until coming to a stop. A random order of symbols will land, and the combinations of these symbols along with their value will determine how much the player can potentially win. For players who don’t want to press the spin button for every round, the auto spin feature will keep the rounds going constantly, only stopping when the player chooses, or when the credit runs out.

Red Dragon Wild Slot

While there are many aspects of the east that have become popular in the more western countries, none have quite grasped popular culture as strongly as martial arts. Martial arts are a number of different fighting styles that have been perfected over hundreds or even thousands of years in the east.

Comparing to the base of some Neteller slots AU, martial arts is the main theme in Red Dragon Wild Slot, a game designed and distributed by iSoftBet. Players will find many different aspects of martial arts in the game, from various fighting moves, to ancient eastern weapons that are still used to this day. Red Dragon Wild Slot is set in an eastern temple, with a red hue throughout the background. The symbols are made up of Asian men performing fighting moves, along with weapons like nun chucks, a shurikan, and daggers. Symbols of a lower value are shown as traditional numbers and letter.

Red Dragon Wild Online Pokies

Wilds in Red Dragon Wild Slot

A red dragon that’s facing to the right acts as the standard wild for Red Dragon Wild Slot. This wild works as a substitute for all the other symbols in the game, except for the scatter and bonus symbols. The wild does not expand over entire reels when it is landed in this game. This wild can, however, turn five other symbols on the reels into blue dragons, which work in the same way.

The other wild featured in the game comes in the form of a martial artist, and while this wild acts in the same way as the standard wild, it can also expand across an entire reel.

A red dragon symbol that is facing to the left can be landed at random, and will take the player to a new screen where they have the chance to win an amount of free spins.

Red Dragon Wild Slot Verdict

The strong element of the east combined with the martial arts and weapons will make it a popular choice for players from both the west and the east.