Egyptian Scrolls Of Ra HD Slot Online From iSoftware

This is another iSoftware Games slot with a rather interesting theme, despite the fact that Egyptian slots have been done a few times before. There definitely is something about these Egypt based online slots that everyone, including the slot developers, seems to love. Perhaps it is the legendary association between Egypt and scores of treasure, or perhaps it’s because of the old and exciting stories around the mysteries of ancient Egypt, but either way this theme is as good as gold along the slot circuit.

Practically this is a 20 pay line slot game with 5 reels. Scrolls of Ra HD slot features some quality graphics and of course a fair few bonus features. The list here is rather exciting sounding, with all the bonus features given appropriate Egyptian titles. These bonus features are called the Ra Bonus, the Scroll bonus, the Wild all seeing Eyes and the Scrolls of Ra Bonus. All of them sound quite magical, but boil down to some rather standard, however still potentially lucrative, bonuses.

The Theme of Ra and Egyptian Layout

Well the Egyptian theme may be a bit overplayed but the result of it on the reels and screen, especially this Scrolls of Ra HD slot from iSoftware, does look good. The sound effects in this slot are probably as ancient Egyptian as they come, and the backdrop and reel design sing a similar tune. The reels themselves display the items that have come to be synonymous with the history of ancient Egypt, with a majority of them being some rather intricate hieroglyphs. To add a bit more of a noticeable difference between these symbols the developers added some coloured sandstone behind each. There are also handfuls of valuable gemstones, including sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Of course there’s also a gold symbol.

The Australian betting sites scene involved with Scrolls of Ra HD slot is rather broad, despite the fixed set of 10 pay lines. This is because there’s a range of coin denominations as well as a number of coins line bet. Ultimately players will be able to experiment with this range that begins at 0.2 coins for a spin and ends at up to 100 per. Not too shabby for most types of rollers.

This Giddy Sounding Bonus Features Explained

The aforementioned bonus features may have sounded quite great but the names didn’t really give much of an idea on what they implied. The first of these, because it may just be the most important, is the Wild All Seeing Eye, and essentially can transform into any of the standard symbols to aid the players in completing win formations. Additionally this symbol also triggers 5 free spins if one of them land on either of the 3 middle reels, it also turns that specific reel Wild.

Next up is he Ra Bonus and this one is quite exciting. Land these bonus symbols on reels 3, 4 and 5 and it will trigger a bonus game in which players get to pick 3 chests from a collection of about 25. These all have different levels of instant prizes. The next two bonuses rewards large jackpots, with the Scrolls bonus rewarding 10 000 coins for a symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5. Then there’s the Ra Bonus Scatters which can land anywhere on the screen, regardless of pay lines, and can net up to 2 500 coins for 5.