Learn How to play Keno

An Introduction to Online Keno

Keno dates back to over 3 000 years where it began during the Han Dynasty. It is a lottery style game that was used to raise funds for the war as the ruler, Cheung Leung had depleted the taxes. It is also said that Keno was played to raise funds for the construction of the Great Wall of China.

The rules of how to play Keno were no different to how they are today but the original Keno board consisted of one hundred and twenty Chinese characters instead of numbers. The eighty random numbers came about when Chinese sailors took the game to the shores of America where the characters were replaced for numbers as the Americans could not understand them. From then on the game became a huge success and spread to the rest of the world and with the advent of the internet the game became even more accessible and is now a very popular online game.

The Rules to Playing Keno

Knowing the rules of the game makes knowing how to play Keno much simpler. The rules on how to play Keno are the same whether the game is played live, via a video feed or online. The only difference with regards to playing Keno in various places may be how many numbers will be allowed to be picked on the Keno board. This amount varies between online casinos but may ten, fifteen or twenty.

How to Play the Keno Game

There are eighty numbers positioned randomly across the board and each board has a different setup. The rules on how to play Keno allow a pick of usually ten, fifteen or twenty numbers. After the selection process has occurred random number generator software will ensure a fair draw of up to twenty numbers. As the numbers are drawn they either match a picked number or they don’t. If they match they will change in colour or become highlighted to show that they have matched. In order to win there needs to be as many matching numbers as possible. The same pick of numbers can be used for the next draw if desired or a new pick of numbers can be selected. This can be done by using the play or the clear buttons.

Winning with the Keno Game

Any number of matching numbers may award a pay out. The pay outs are determined by the value of the specific matching numbers and how many of the matching numbers were a match with those drawn. All the pay out details are visible on the online Keno game’s pay table which is important to peruse as knowing what to expect with regards to better valued numbers and possible pay outs adds to the knowledge of how to play Keno. Keno is a game that requires little skill and wins are based mostly on chance at https://onlinebingouk.co/bingo-and-slots/. There is not much strategy to the game but betting on certain numbers and hoping for a match can have increased odds by having a better understanding of the pay table. As an example there are better odds of matching two to eight numbers as opposed to the incredible low odds of matching all twenty numbers.