Love Play & Get Bonuses On Midnight Diamonds Slot Online Game

Players have the option in the Midnight Diamonds slot of adjusting the coin values to suit their playing style or preferences. Obviously those players on a high budget might prefer to go all out for the main jackpot prize wins, in which case it is advisable to place the maximum bet.

The minimum bet for the Midnight Diamonds slot from Bally Software is 0.30, while on the other hand the maximum bet that can be placed is 450. This wide range makes it quite evident that this particular online slot is suitable for players on varying budgets.

The Midnight Diamonds slot is a 5 reel 30 paylines game, which has become much of the standard for Bally Software. There are a range of features in this game, some of which will be unpacked for you here. These include things like free spins, wilds and stacked wilds, as well as an instant cash prize. Getting to understand the game is fairly straightforward, particularly for those that have played Bally Software online slot games before.

Midnight Diamonds Slot Game Icons

The symbols that are used in the Midnight Diamonds slot are some of the most famous slot symbols. These are the sort of icons that were used in the original slot games that were played at land based casinos. As such, if you are a big fan of the traditional type games, then chances are there will be something you quite like about the look and feel of the Midnight Diamonds slot. Some of the symbols include the bar symbol, the red cherries, the dollar sign, and also the yellow bell icon. Of course the most famous symbol is the number seven, and in this case the slot does not have a red 7, but rather a diamond number 7 icon.

On the game interface of the Midnight Diamonds slot from Bally Software, players can see all the current game settings, and can adjust these when and if needed. On the left hand side is a little window that shows the current Cash total, or the amount in your virtual account. Next to this is the size of your current bet per line, followed by the number of active paylines. As you make adjustments to these two fields, either by increasing or lowering them, the resultant value of your Total Stake will be adjusted accordingly. Finally, on the right hand side of the screen is the current value of your winnings from the current playing session.

Winning in Midnight Diamonds Slot

Most online casinos offer a number of different ways for withdrawing your winnings after playing the Midnight Diamonds slot. You will typically be able to choose whichever option suits you best, like Neteller online casino payments for Canadians, and then easily withdraw those winnings into another account. When playing the real money version of Midnight Diamonds slot, you will also need to make a deposit into your virtual account in order to get playing credits. Fortunately most of the top online casinos also offer numerous ways in which to do this. This means that there shouldn’t be too many obstacles preventing you from trying out this particular online slot.