Maximising Online Betting Power in New Zealand

The online sportsbooks that New Zealanders are lucky enough to be able to visit to are all in fierce competition with each other. In trying to tempt you to wager with them rather than their rivals, they extend several fantastic perks including superior odds, great bonuses and various free bets. These enable you to punt and win more, and there are always so many on offer that it seems almost wasteful to wager without them! To learn more about finding and using the best free bets, check out the advice below.

Keep Your Wits about You

At the end of the day free bets are intended to keep you interested and putting down more money, so bookies usually attach terms and conditions to their use. Make sure you read these thoroughly before agreeing to anything. For example, the playthrough requirements, which say how many times you need to bet before accessing your winnings, might be very steep if the payouts seem unusually generous. You should also check the markets that the free bets apply to, they are sometimes the ones that are least desirable. Stay on your toes to maximise your rewards and minimise your risks.

Different Free Online Bets

Free bets are often offered to punters signing up to a new online sportsbook, and these free wagers usually have the least strings attached. As you bet more there are many other situations that reward you with Match or Percentage Deposit Bonuses, giving you the same as what you bet or a portion of it, respectively. These funds are essentially free bets, and may be given in a variety of circumstances. You can be rewarded for introducing new members, visiting at certain times of the day, making deposits over a certain amount, or for many other reasons. Try to choose sites that offer the best free bets and bonuses for your punting style.

Using Your Free Bets

Unlike many popular games, the more you spend time betting online, you’ll more familiar you  become with all the options available to you and will learn what works best. You’ll get to know how to use your free bets to your best advantage, but to get you going read through the proven strategies for using free bets that are described here.

Firstly, you should register with several sites at the same time, and then use your free wagers to bet on every possible result of one event. Whatever the outcome, you’ll be paid out, and you won’t have spent a cent of your own money. If you go this route, the best free bets to use are evenly matched punts and Any Which Way but Lose bets.

You can also try registering at sites that allow punters to use their Welcome Bonuses anywhere. Use this bonus and put your own money down at the same time, on two different bets. Because one bet is fee, you reduce your risk and improve your chances of profiting.

Get Out What You Put In

By using your free wagers wisely, you can take your payouts from respectable to astounding. Stay alert, do your research and register at several reputable New Zealand sports betting sites. The time you invest will be well-rewarded.