The NRL Betting Tips: A Guide for Wagering on the National Rugby League


If you’ve never placed a bet on NRL, or the National Rugby League, before now then you’ve come to the right place. We bring you only the best sports betting tips and advice, specifically for our punters in New Zealand that want to bet on NRL matches.

Rugby is a massive part of the culture in New Zealand, and as such many punters are turning to sports betting to increase the excitement of an everyday match. Betting on this sport has evolved over time and we bring you the top NRL betting tips to take advantage of.

Know Your Market

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘an educated guess’ in everyday conversation, which can be defined as “a guess based on knowledge and experience and therefore very likely to be correct”. This has to be one of the first NRL betting tips offered, as knowing your market can go a long way to successful predictions when placing wagers on NRL. When enjoying matches, take note of team behaviour as well as individual player occurrences, as this can provide invaluable information when deciding on which wagers to place. If you know a player is prone to hot-headed outbursts, why not place a wager on them being suspended from play for 10 minutes, or even permanently sent off?

Types of Bets for NRL

Compared to modern betting at, in the past punters could only place wagers on individual matches or tournament winners, but over time betting on National Rugby League matches has increased in popularity, and as such the type of bets that can be placed have evolved as well. Anyone looking for NRL betting tips would surely have noticed the massive market that has opened up for wagers on this league, and bets can be placed on virtually every aspect of the game now. Here we run through a few key mobile betting sites types for NRL that are very popular amongst punters in New Zealand.

Types of Bets for the NRL

Future/outright bets: a wager to predict who the punter thinks will be the outright winner of a tournament, for example the Telstra Premiership, and is placed at the beginning of a season.

Margin betting: a wager is placed on which team will be victorious, as well as by which margin they will win. The bookmaker sets the margin (for example +15 or -15), and to be successful you will have to select which margin will be correct. For example, the team will win by more than 15 points, or less than 15 points.

Lay bet: a wager is placed on a team being unsuccessful. If a punter believes that it’s highly unlikely that a team will win a match, you ‘lay’ that team. If they lose, your bet is successful.

New Zealand Warriors

When it comes to NRL betting tips, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the New Zealand Warriors. As the only team belonging to the NRL that isn’t from Australia, the New Zealand Warriors joined the NRL in 1995, and provide most of the national team’s players as well. While they have not as yet won a championship title, they claimed the minor championship in 2002, played in the 2001 and 2002 Grand Finals, and have reached the play offs 7 times.