Online Microgaming Action Slot Terminator 2

The story behind the Terminator franchise is one still played on today, several decades later, with new technologies everyday reminding us of the terror of Skynet and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s eerie rendition of a cyborg from the future. The movies that came from this franchise had moments of intense action, excitement and even a few scary ones, but overall presented well on the screen. The popularity and action of these movies is likely what spurred Microgaming, decades later, to develop an online slot based on the second title in the movie series. Terminator 2 has some quality graphics, a few vivid and real pictured symbols and even the occasional feature for the reels.

Fundamentally this is a 5 reels across slot with just 3 rows of symbols going long ways. The betting options that are available are neatly laid out beneath the reels and afford players the usual accommodating range that Microgaming are known for providing their players with. The pay lines system employed with this Terminator 2 slot game is rather Microgaming’s popular 243 ways to win system which instead awards wins if symbols are in adjacent reels and start from the leftmost side of the screen. The bonus features are also quite futuristic, but in this slot players can be assured they haven’t been sent back with ulterior motives like to kill one of the Conner’s family.

The Action Packed Theme Choice from Microgaming

When it comes to creating slot games and themes based on popular movies then Microgaming have to be high up on the list of recommended developers for the task. Having developed many a slot game over the long years of experience is certainly evident in the ways this and other slots like it are setup. The theme of this specific Terminator 2 slot game is well constructed and whilst the backdrop to the reels is some form of mechanics quite difficult to make out, the colour scheme of dark blues and black make the reels and symbols found on them to feel highlighted in comparison. The buttons and sound track also add their own little two cents from time to time, with the likes of the Terminator red eye forming the spin button.

The symbols found on the reels of Terminator 2 include the two Conner’s, the two different models of Terminator, which is the T-800 and T1000 models and of course Arnold Schwarzenegger who played the earlier model terminator in the movie.


Skynet Formed Bonus Features in Terminator 2

The bonuses here in Terminator 2 slot game include a Wild symbol, which is simply the T2 logo symbol, and can substitute for other game symbols when the opportunity is right and it can help create bigger wins in the game. With a 243 ways to win system in place a symbol like this can be quite effective.

The free spins feature to this Canadian progressive slots is activated when players manage to land 3 or more blue Scatters on the reels. This will award the players 10 free spins during which the more formidable terminator symbol can act as a Wild and reward some surprising wins. Overall these bonuses do make the theme, gameplay and overall delivery of this Terminator 2 slot game come together to a degree.