Play Vegas 3 Card Rummy on the Move

Las Vegas is one of the largest casino hubs in the world, so it is little surprise that a popular poker variation of online casinos would be named after this famous city. Mobile Vegas three card rummy is a game designed to be played online by using various types of software. The game is similar to three card poker.

How to Play Mobile Vegas 3 Card Rummy

There are a few basic rules when playing mobile Vegas three card rummy. All games are played with a single fifty two deck card. All cards are ranked at their traditional poker value, except that the aces are always taken at a low. The object of mobile Vegas three card rummy is to have fewer points than the dealer has.

The game begins with the player making an ante bet plus an additional, but optional, bonus bet. The player and the dealer both receive three cards, and the dealer’s card will always be dealt face down. After the player has reviewed the cards in hand, there are two choices. Either the player can choose to fold, or the player can choose to raise. If the player chooses to raise, this bet has to at least be equal to the ante bet.

After play has taken place, the dealer will turn over the dealer cards and a winner will be determined. Points in mobile Vegas three card rummy are attributed as follows: Single aces will count as one. Cards two through ten will be counted at face value. All face cards will be counted as ten. If players receive a pattern of pairs, three of a kind, or runs of suited cards, then this will count as zero. The dealer must have at least twenty points or less in order to qualify. If the dealer does not qualify, any remaining bets will pay even money and raised bets will push. If the dealer does qualify, then the totals will be compared, and the hand with the lower total will win.

Logistics of Online Play

Playing games online can be slightly different, but playing designed-for-online games such as mobile Vegas three card rummy is rather simple. There is very little for players to do than push a button or, in the case of this game, various buttons.

To begin play, the player has to select the chip value they wish to place down as a bet and then press the ‘deal’ button. This will then enable the player to be dealt three cards, all facing up, while the dealer will receive three cards all facing down.

If the player thinks that the dealer can be beaten, the ‘raise’ button needs to be clicked to continue playing. The raise amount will automatically be equal to the original bet. The dealer’s cards will then be revealed, compared to the player’s cards, and a winner will be determined by the automatic system.

If the player doubts that the dealer can be beaten, the ‘fold’ button can be clicked. This will end the current game and forfeit any bets.

The player may also click on the ‘rebet’ button, which will allow the player to play the next game of mobile Vegas three card rummy with the same bet amount, and will simply deal new cards.