Review of Real Money Casino Game Big Bang Online Slot

Whenever anyone utters the words “Big Bang”, the supposed origin of the known Universe immediately comes to mind, regardless of whether you believe in the theory of evolution or in the creative powers of an intelligent higher being instead.

The Big Bang theory is widely accepted as being how it all started.  The theory advocates that the Universe started out as a very hot, and highly concentrated and dense point of origin, approximately 13.7 billion years ago (and counting, of course).  Whether you follow religious teaching, or apply a mystical or more scientific approach, chances are that you have encountered the typical Big Bang theory somewhere along the line.

Whatever our varying points of view, we are all fascinated by our origins, whatever the case may have been.  Big Bang finds its roots and inspiration in our fascination with our origins, and our various points of view concerning how it all came to be.

The game, designed and developed by Net Entertainment, features multipliers aplenty and is played on 5 reels and 25 paylines.  Big Bang can be played in manual or in autoplay mode.

Graphics out of This World

A shimmering night sky sets the scene, and the game’s interface is designed to resemble a high-tech space vessel straight out of something typically written into existence by the likes of H.G. Wells and it is playable on internet like online bingo Australia.

Reel Symbols

The symbols comprise of a variety of space bodies.  Planets and stars orbit onto the reels, drawn in various colours.  The colours of the stars and planets are significant – each colour representing a different  wining value.   5 Yellow planets will yield 700 credits, 500 credits will be added to the kitty for 5 green planets, 400 credits for the same number of the purple ones and 300 credits for 5 of a kind of the beautiful blue planets.

Playing cards also appear as symbols, representing the lower value paying symbols.  The playing card symbols are illuminated by colourful lights.

The top paying symbol is represented by the Sun, paying out at a whopping 1 000 credits for a combination of 5 in a row.

Big Bang Multiplier Ladder

Big Bang includes a special multiplier feature.  On the left hand side of the screen appears a special multiplier ladder, indicating multipliers from x1 all the way up to x32.

Every time a win is scored, the player will progress one prong up the multiplier ladder.  Five levels must be navigated en route to the top of the ladder.  One win will award a x1 multiplier.  A second consecutive win will award a x2 multiplier, etc.  Five consecutive wins will apply the top multiplier – multiplying all winnings by x32.

As soon as no win is scored during any one spin, the player is demoted back down to the bottom of the multiplier ladder.

The multiplier feature is an exciting one, and creates the feeling of a game within a game.

The Basics

Big Bang can be played for free or for real money.  Flexible betting options are offered when playing for real money.