The Birth of Smartwatch Casino Games

A smartwatch is a wrist watch that does not only function as a timekeeping device but can also be used as a calculator, for translating as well as playing casino games.  What these actually are, are computers that can be worn on a wrist.  Many smartwatches have the capability to run apps by means of an operating system.

Some of these watches have portable radios, the ability to playback digital video and audio files using Bluetooth or USB.  Some smartwatches can also be used as a phone, make and receive calls as well as texting.

New Zealand online casino players will find many apps on the Google Play store which can be used on their smartwatches.  The challenge for software developers has been the small size of the scree which means that online casino games have had to be adapted to a smaller screen.

Online casino gaming has increased in popularity and casino players in New Zealand are realising the convenience of online gaming from a smartphone or mobile device.  The next great technological development in the casino industry is wearing an operating system that can be used to play casino games.

The most popular smartwatches come from Apple who has designed the iOS Apple Watch, Android with the Pebble as well as Moto 360.

Advantages of Smartwatches

Playing online casino games has a few advantages for New Zealand players.  The size of the watch as well as the fact that it is wearable makes it much easier to perform other tasks while playing online casino games like power, roulette and best payout pokies and other places around the world have to offer.

The smartwatch is small and unobtrusive which means that players can enjoy a quick game and nobody would even notice.  A smartwatch is the most mobile of all the devices out there as it can be worn which makes online casino gaming much more convenient.  The novelty of the smartwatch makes it a fun device to have, but it also offers some great functions which can make life so much simpler.

Although smartwatches are not as popular as smartphones many casino players will find the technology appealing and as technology develops many more software developers will begin developing more games for smartwatches.

Popular Smartwatch Games

In 2015 Microgaming took the lead and developed two of their most popular pokies games for smartwatches. The games Thunderstruck 2 and Dark Knight Rises were the first games to be developed especially for smartwatch casino players.

This game was made available to New Zealand players who were using both iOS and Android smartwatches.  The pokies game looked very much like the mobile version and it filled the screen.

Online casino players at can spin the reels by either tapping or swiping on the screen, the same way a mobile casino player would do.  The casino apps for smartwatches can be accessed through the watch’s internet, while the Apple Watch and Samsung’s Gear 2 let players play online casino games through a browser.

Pokies seem to be the most popular games for smartwatches and they are adapted to function as best as possible on a smaller screen.  Even though the game may seem simpler, the pokies do not lose their quality on the small screen.

Because there is not much space available on smartwatches online casinos are not really able to offer depositing or withdrawing so players will still have to make use of their smartphone, tablet or PC to do their banking.