Why Online Casinos Offer More Than Land Based Ones

The entire world is going digital in just about every single way that you can imagine. It really was only a matter of time before the casino industry followed, and boy did it follow in a big way. Online casinos have become such a large source of entertainment that it has very quickly become a multimillion-dollar industry. Other than the convenience of it, what is it that attracts people to online casinos as apposed to land based ones?

More For Less

Land based casinos has one very real limitation that an online casino will never have. It is a simple thing of floor space. Yes, they can revamp a land-based casino to become bigger and better, but it costs a lot of money to do and the casino will also lose quite a bit of money as some parts will have to be closed due to the renovations of the building.

This is simply not the case when it comes to online casinos. An online casino is as big as what you choose it to be. It operates on a virtual floor plan that can really be made bigger, much faster than a land based one. Due to this, online casinos are able to offer the player so much more when it comes to the games that you can play at the casino. When the virtual floor plan has to be made bigger, it won’t run at a ‘closed due to renovations’ loss.

Rewards For Playing

At a land-based casino, you really only have one big incentive for going there and that is the thrill of the game itself. Online casinos can offer you so much more than that. The world of online casino’s is incredibly big and it is getting bigger and bigger, almost by the day.  Due to this, online casinos have to be competitive. Because it is so easy to join one, they simply have to attempt to out do each other.

Just about all online casinos therefor offer you incredible specials for simply signing up to their casino. This could be everything from free spins to double cash backs. But it doesn’t stop there. Because online casinos are constantly expanding, they also offer you specials when you are a member. This is to keep you from going to any other online casino. No land-based casino just gives you free stuff every few visits, just to keep you coming back.


Even though it is the most obvious reason for the popularity of online casinos over land-based ones, it really does deserve to be mentioned. Online casinos are just so easy to sign up to from the comfort of your own home. On a cold winter’s day, you can enjoy all of your favourite casino games while sitting in your pyjamas on your couch, under a blanket. What could be better than that? Probably not ever having to stand in a que at a cash desk, to collect your pay-out or exchange your cash for chips.